My name is Martin Heuser and I'm living in the northern part of Bavaria in a small city named Roth about 30 km south of Nuremberg. Roth is well known to the world for it's yearly International Triathlon festival.

One of my hobbies is flying with Microsoft's Flightsimulator. But not only flying with the simulator is a lot of fun but also creating sceneries is somehow challenging for me.

Around the place where I'm living we have a few airfields which are not really well done in the original flight simulator program. Therefore I decided a few years ago to try to create these airfields more realistic and to contribute my work to the flightsimulator community in the Internet.

The first scenery I created was a little airfield about 20km northwest of Nuremberg. The town close to this airfield with the ICAO code EDQH is Herzogenaurach. A friend of mine invited me to take a flight with his Piper and that was the first time I had an opportunity to have a little closer look to an airfield. I took some pictures and started to create the scenery. The result can be seen here. As you might realise one can see that it's a kind of 'first trial' so the buildings are not too realistic and the scenery gives a quite 'artificial' impression. Anyway: it was a good training for me and the next seceneries created gained from this learning process.

The second scenery is a small private airfield about 10 km west of my hometown operated by the Fliegervereinigung Schwabach. With the ICAO code EDPH Schwabach-Heidenberg is lying close to a hill named Heidenberg carrying a 220 m high significant antenna. In this airfield for the first time I was creating photo-realistic textures for the buildings and I was able to include a gas-filling effect when the airplane is stopped close to the gas station in front of the main hangar close to the tower.

My last secenery (as of May 2002) is ETHR Roth-Kiliansdorf or 'Roth-Army' as it's called in the flight simulator's database.This airfield is abot 5 km south of my hometown and is being operated by the German Army We have a lot of BO 105 helicopters based there. Additionally you will find an EC 135 helicopter of the Bavarian police and on the weekends one of the grass runways is being used by the Fliegerclub Roth. You may see on the respective pages that here I have done my best work until now as the scenery is very realistic and offering a lot of effects (day- and nighttime, seasonal and weather effects) including a working and quite unusual floor tanking facility east of the tower building.

I have created all my sceneries with programs like Airport for Windows, graphic tools (especially BMP2000) from Martin Wright and naturally with the absolute marvellous 'swiss army knife' for the Flightsimulator SCC without which a creation of the last scenery would have been impossible.

If you need more information or have any questions please don't hesitate to mail me.